How to Boost the Efficiency of a Chiller System?

A chiller system is important in maintaining good temperature in your building. It uses either chilled water or air to absorb the heat inside the building space to keep it cool. Just like a heating system, a chiller system also utilizes a lot of energy which could make up a huge chunk of your energy bill. Keeping it at its best performance and top efficiency is important to get the most out of your energy consumption and expenses. Here are the best ways to boost the efficiency of your building’s chiller system.

Proper Maintenance

Regular maintenance is important in keeping a chiller system at its best performance. Be sure that the chiller system is working properly every day by checking and cleaning condenser coils, maintaining refrigerant charge and condenser water. These steps should be part of the day-to-day maintenance to be sure that your chiller system is working efficiently. Hiring an expert team to maintain a chiller system is a must. However, if you only need a chiller system for a short project, it’s best to opt for water chilling systems for hire.

Installing a VFD

Variable Frequency Drives or VFD helps a lot in cutting down the operation costs and boosting efficiency of a chiller system. Installing a VFD gives you more control on the system head’s pressure lock. This makes the evaporator fans operate efficiently and quietly by reducing the frequency of compressors starting and stopping. With a VFD, the energy consumed of your chiller system is converted into more work because of the increased efficiency.

Energy Audit

Aside from regular maintenance, you should also schedule an energy audit on your chiller system from time to time. This will give you an idea if your chiller system is still working efficiently relative to the energy it consumes. You can also discover possible ways to lower the energy consumption costs of your chiller system, helping you cut down on your daily utility expenses.

Rebuild the Compressor

The compressor is an essential part that keeps a chiller system running. Although it is designed to be running continuously, the damage caused by regular wear and tear on its parts can’t be avoided. This could then cause a lot of issues in the system that would affect its efficiency.

Aside from regular maintenance tasks, you should also keep an eye on the compressor. If it’s malfunctioning, be sure to fix it immediately to avoid problems from getting worse. Overhauling or rebuilding a compressor is a lot cheaper than getting a new one so this option is worth considering.

Drain Refrigerant Oil

The refrigerant oil plays a huge role in efficient cooling of a chiller system. It should be drained regularly to boost the efficiency and prevent the system from overworking. You need to get a professional who is trained to do this task to avoid damaging your chiller system.

If you want to increase the efficiency of your chiller system, be sure to consult the experts in this field.

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